Holding On Letting Go at Fremont Centre Theatre (South Pasadena, CA)

Holding On ~ Letting Go: A Story of Love and Loss

Fremont Centre Theatre (South Pasadena, CA)

"Holding On ~ Letting Go"

Fremont Centre Theatre performs the world premiere of Bryan Harnetiaux’s Holding On ~ Letting Go, a play about saying goodbye to life and those you love. Bobby and Lee are a long-married couple. Lee is a hard-driving women’s basketball coach. Bobby was a basketball coach and, later, an insurance salesman. But now, Bobby is in failing health, even though he is only 51. As his physical condition declines further, Bobby finds himself confronted by choices: whether to fight for every breath and explore every conceivable avenue in the hope that things will improve; or whether to make preparations for a graceful exit. Harnetiaux previously wrote National Pastime, a play about Jackie Robinson that was a hit with FCT audiences. Learn more…

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