Sophia at Write Act Repertory Theatre (Hollywood, CA)

Sophia: West Coast Premiere of a Musical About Finding True Love

Write Act Repertory Theatre (Hollywood, CA)


Sophia, the heroine of this new musical comedy by Michael Antin, is beautiful, bright, articulate and sophisticated, excelling at everything except relationships. Consulting a therapist, Sophia is diagnosed with Beautiful Woman Syndrome and instructed to search her past for every “hit-man” which has ever led to a quick tryst. She must now learn about the forgotten majority of male society and try to focus on the invisible men, those who would never approach her, if she is to find true love. As it turns out, the perfect “invisible man” might be waiting in plain sight: the nondescript, seemingly forgettable George. This comedic musical plays to the changing times of the ’60s, featuring strong independent women who pave the way for characters like Mary Richards and Rhoda Barrett. Write Act Repertory produced the hit world premiere of this new musical earlier this year in New York.

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