Dates: June 9, 2012 to June 9, 2012
Location: Bellevue Square
MORE THAN 25 CITIES ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL JOINT UP ON THE 9TH OF JUNE TO EXPRESS THEIR IDEAS AND THEIR ART BY A GREAT STREET WALL MURAL. Toronto City It will be part of the global project the day 9th of June, with the support of Kensington Market neighbours and Kensington Market BIA. The urban art project Wallpeople tries to demand the public areas as a way of interaction for people, under the motto Express yourself. Saturday the 9th of June, in more than 25 cities all around the world simultaneously, anonymous people will become real protagonist of an unique exhibition. Everyone could contribute with a piece of art to an improvised open-air museum, where everybody could show and watch their works. To shape a thought, write a tale, draw a picture, take photos, print a T-shirt There are countless ways to externalize a feeling or a thought, and people need to express themselves more than ever. Through Express yourself, Wallpeople wants people to express their ideas and share them in a public area. Where? In a street-side wall, which will become full of free, personal and authentic creations. Subject matter, shape or message are not important; the only requirement: it must be possible to placed them in a wall with glue or adhesive tape. Wallpeople is a collaborative art project placed in Barcelona that leads people to create, and be part of a unique moment in a certain urban place, with the intention to set up a unique and street work done by all. This year, the event will be at: Place: Bellevue Square Park in Kensington Market (Augusta con Denison Square) Time: 17:00 oclock How to participate: All the events will be announced on Wallpeople Official Page on Facebook. Choose the event for your city and you could look up both place and time for it. On Saturday 9th of June, go to the specified place and bring with you your creation or creations. It will be accepted all kind of works and techniques: drawing, painting, engraving, illustrations, photography, collage, comic; crafts with paper, cardboard, light wood, canvas, crochet, napkins, Post-it notes; mixed compositions, badges, handicraft postcards, origami, poems Size and shape are free, but giant works wont be accepted (1 x 1 m.) Time of the creation and length of the showing will be announced on Facebook, but it is an ephemeral action, so it will last about two hours. Organization will have double-sided tape to stick the pictures of the participants. However, we strongly recommend you to bring glue or Scotch tape. Stick your work beside the previous one, spaced by a little space. Please, respect the rest of creations. Once the mural is finished and it has been shown, the organization will indicate the end of the event. At that moment, you can get your creation back. If you want, you can exchange your work with other participant, and turn the event into a more interactive experience. Not allowed: Works by more than 1×1 meters. Works who need to be put up with hooks or nails. Drilling the wall is not allowed. Heavy works who cant be supported by glue or Scotch. They couldnt be placed on the floor. Offensive or discriminatory works.

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