Montreal Protests to Fire ‘Officer 728’

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

A group of roughly 50 to 75 people recorded a protest in downtown Montreal on Friday night, asking the city’s police force to fire a constable named Stéfanie Trudeau, more popular by her badge number 728. Trudeau, an experienced police officer, was suspended on Thursday after being, after being released earlier as a result of a video taken on Oct. 2 which showed her putting a man in a headlock and forcing him down stairs.

Trudeau received wide public attention during the student protests in spring, when she was recorded to have been pepper-spraying apparently inactive partakers of the protest. The video was quickly spread virally over the web and officer wearing “Badge 728” became popular through YouTube.

Soon stories of Trudeau begun to circle online, as a resident of Montreal named Paul Boyer stated that he came across the officer a long time ago. He narrated that while he walked which his daughter, Trudeau stopped them and “said, ‘don’t move, you are dangerous for your child. Give me your identification.'” He stated that “don’t you have better things to do than stopping me? I am walking with my child.” Boyer claims that the officers got offensive, handcuffed him and bunked him their patrol car, settling his daughter in front seat, without a seatbelt, and drove through the city.

He alleged that Trudeau acted as if she was intoxicated. Boyer pointed out that “She felt really happy,” and “She were playing with the child, but at the same time they were telling me bad things — like I was a bad father.”`

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