The Dictator Should Have Tried Harder

Readers already know that we at JCH are huge fans of Sacha Baron Cohen andBorat. In fact, we consider Borat the funniest movie we’ve EVER SEEN. (And Ali Gis a favorite TV character.) That said, we viewed The Dictator with high expectations. The idea of an egocentric North African dictator loose in New York is a marvelous concept. And some of the movie was very entertaining. There were brilliantly funny lines, like when the misogynistic Dictator met a pregnant womanand remarked “Are you having a boy or an abortion?” Political satire like that makes the comedy worth seeing – it’s too bad there’s so much sophomoric slapstick in between the smart moments. Die-hard Cohen fans will enjoy the film, along with teenage boys, but it could have been better.

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