Don’t Forget That Kobe Bryant Got Away With Rape!

Kobe Bryant didn’t know how lucky he was in 2003 when he was accused by a 19 year old hotel employee in Colorado of rape. In those days a guy with money and power like Harvey Weinstein and Kobe Bryant got away with rape simply by intimidating the accuser. At first Kobe lied to police about having sex with the young woman – eventually he claimed it was consensual but had a hard time explaining the bruises on her neck where he strangled her. The woman’s name was RELEASED to the press and she received so many death threats from Kobe fans that she had to move. She lost faith in the legal system and refused (was afraid) to testify, so charges were dropped. Kobe made a strange “apology” to her and her family and settled a civil suit she later filed for an estimated 2.5 million. If this had happened today, Kobe would likely have been convicted of rape, and his image tarnished forever. It’s a miracle that his wife Vanessa forgave him…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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