Does Angelina Jolie Know What A Feminist Is?

Angelina Jolie identifies as a feminist, but when she got married to Brad Pitt she didn’t have a bridesmaid because she admitted that she didn’t have a single female friend! This week she wrote an ESSAY for Time magazine, oddly titled “Why Girls Deserve Love and Respect on International Women’s Day.” Apparently she thinks that establishing herself as an attentive mother to her daughters illustrates that she is supportive of other women. We have always wondered WHY Angelina has no female friends – we’re guessing it’s because she never TRIED. Can a woman with no female friends really be trusted?

In her peculiar essay Angelina mentioned that two of her daughters have been hospitalized with health problems – above, she brought pillows for Zahara and Shiloh to sit on when they all went to the movies today

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