Not A Bad Night At Hell’s Kitchen

We just got back from having dinner at Hell’s Kitchen! We were warned NOT to arrive hungry because sometimes the food is a long time coming (or not at all!) The fancy restaurant set is located in the industrial district of Culver City, and we were not allowed to take any photos and had to turn in our cell phones. Only someGreen Bay Packer and his wife were allowed to take, but not use their cell phones. Everyone had to sign two page confidentiality agreement and a release. We were seated in a large beautifully designed room with white tablecloths and HK candles and ordered from a small menu with only 4 choices of main dishes. One end of the room featured a bar and the other side had the two open kitchens used by the blue team and the red team. We could see the two teams fussing over their food and red-faced Gordon Ramsay gesticulating over them but we could NOT hear Gordon cursing. At one point smoke filled the red kitchen. Since it was the eighth episode of the series (for 2013) and the chefs were more experienced, almost everyone got their food. It wasn’t great (mushy scallops and dry halibut – and NO vegetables!) but the waiters and staffers were helpful and personable. Lots of wine and chocolaty desserts made it a fun evening. The only unrealistic thing about the restaurant was the fact that no one had a cell phone!

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