Yungblud: Gay, Straight, Or What?

We cannot figure out if Yungblud is pretending to be gay- or pretending to be straight! The hot UK singer (real name Dominic Harrison) is no stranger to heavily applied makeup, fancy colored hair, and short skirts, but all his romances have been with women! We’ve gotten used to rappers in dresses – – like Young Thug, Andre 3000, and recently, Kid Cudi on Saturday Night Live. They love the attention it gives them, but there are no sexual questions asked. Yungblud often SAYS he’s polyamorous or pansexual but he DID used to date Halsey (who, coincidentally or not, also claims to be pansexual) and other women, but no guys. Has pansexuality become so cool that all the popstars want in on it?

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA,

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