Rocco Ritchie and Lourdes Leon hanging out

Lourdes Leon rocco ritchie

This article was last updated on June 27, 2022

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Lourdes Leon and Rocco Ritchie are spotted together.

Seeing Madonna‘s kids hanging around together was a pleasant surprise. A Marine Serre exhibition during Paris Fashion Week included Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s eldest daughter, and her half-brother Rocco Ritchie, 21, who flew in from the UK to watch the show. Until recently, Lourdes and Rocco both resided in New York City with their mother.

His father, director Guy Ritchie, took him in after Rocco unexpectedly left his mother’s Rebel Heart Tour at age 16. As a result, there was a gap in the family that has now healed, and now Rocco is studying art in the United Kingdom with Guy’s family. A number of his works have been displayed in exhibitions under the name Rhed, and his paintings have been purchased by collectors. That’s understandable, given his legendary sense of fashion.

BACKGRID-USA provided the image.

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