Fear Not – Denzel Washington’s Marriage Is Not In Jeopardy

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Fear Not – Denzel Washington’s Marriage Is Not In Jeopardy

It’ll take more than a photograph to break up Denzel Washington’s 30 year marriage! Denzel’s wife Pauletta, 62, made up her mind early on that she would not allow anything to destroy their relationship. And that means she’s had to overlook years of rumors regarding her husband cheating. Women have always thrown themselves at Denzel, 58, and he enjoys the attention. When Denzel has a few drinks he become a big flirt himself. Radaronline says someone is shopping around photos of Denzel kissing another woman to gossip magazines and websites, but his marriage is NOT in jeopardy. We personally witnessed Denzel arrive on a red carpet followed by Pauletta. A group of young women immediately surrounded him squealing “Denzel!” – UNTIL Pauletta walked up and announced in no uncertain terms, “I AM MRS DENZEL WASHINGTON!!” and the girls quickly scattered.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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