Looks Like Brad Pitt Is Smarter Than Tom Cruise

No surprise that Brad Pitt was once high on the list of “most wanted” recruits for Scientology. Back in the early 90’s he was dating Juliette Lewis, who was born into a Scientology family. Since all Scienos are expected to haul their loved ones into the cult, Juliette persuaded Brad to take a few courses. Brad, being the dutiful boyfriend, did dabble for awhile, but when he caught Juliette cheating and they split up, he quickly dropped out. Bono was also targeted by the cult. The socially responsible singer has a lot of influence on his fans around the world. Fortunately, he was turned off by auditing and drifted. David Miscavige’s niece Jenna who left the church, says celebrities are sought for their influence and ability to attract new members, not their money.

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