Matt Damon as Jason Bourne again?

With latest rumors floating around, it is possible that Matt Damon may be returning as the super spy Jason Bourne once more on the big screen. While nothing has been officially noted that he will return, It seems highly likely that he will. However, Universal Studios has issued a statement denying this report but some News Services and Tabloids remain very confident with their sources.

Regarding Universal, Matt said in one of his interviews “They were just trying to revitalize that franchise and I didn’t mind at all. It didn’t have anything to do with the movie that I made. It makes sense for a studio to keep those franchises as alive as they can, it makes business sense for them. I don’t begrudge anybody for that. I am a huge fan of Jeremy. I don’t equate my Bourne movie with his. He didn’t play the part of Jason Bourne. It’s a totally different thing.”

Some insiders also claimed simultaneous negotiations are on with both Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass to return to the Bourne franchise. As Damon is only interested if Greengrass is directing the film.

It seems, The ‘Bourne’ fans have to wait a little longer before any official confirmations takes place. Meanwhile, The star is busy taking India tour with his safe water mission and enjoying Indian spicy food.

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