Gwyneth Paltrow: I’ve Got A Secret

Vanity Fair sure knows how to drum up business. The magazine has always fawned over celebrities in the past but they’ve changed their policy and decided to do more “investigative” reporting. In other words, the celebrity stories won’t be so flattering. That’s why former cover girl Gwyneth Paltrow blanched when she learned they were researching a story about HER and advised her friends to clam up. (Her enemies will have more interesting things to say about her anyway.) She may be worried because rumors about an “open marriage” circulated not long ago. And apparently VF has been digging up info on a fling Gwyneth might have had with her attractive billionaire friend Jeff Soffer. It’s not far-fetched. Gwyneth cheated on Brad Pitt when they were engaged. We just wonder if Chris Martinknows he has an allegedly “open marriage!”

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