The Bag Is Now More Famous Than Jane Birkin

Here’s the woman who started the whole “Birkin bag” mania. Singer Jane Birkingained fame in London in the swinging 60’s and moved to France and became a huge star. In 1982 she was on a plane seated next to eh CEO of Hermes, and when she stowed her handbag in the overheaed compartment, the contents fell out on the floor. She complained that she had a hard time finding a leather weekend bag she liked. In 1984 the CEO created the handmade bag for her and it immediately became highly collectible and a symbol of conspicuous consumption because it was so expensive and hard to get – the company had waiting lists! And the price goes up to $150,000. For a HANDBAG! Anyway, Jane, 66, is still performing – and just appeared in London. Click “>HERE to listen to Jane’s hit “Je T’aime,…Moi Non Plus.”

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