Life Is Beyond Horrible In “out Of The Furnace”

This is a movie that only a man loaded with testosterone could sit through. Female characters in “Out of the Furnace” are inconsequential. The violence, negativity, and brutality, are enough to make one question the evolution of humanity. Don’t expect an ounce of humor or sensitivity, just one dismal gut-wrenching episode after another. We couldn’t help thinking “What are people in other countries going to think of Americans when they see this?” The writing, directing, and acting are skillful, but totally wasted on the nihilistic subject matter. The time we spent watching this movie was torture and we had to walk out early. We weren’t the only ones unable to sit through this – we found traumatized women in the bathroom. Of course, we expect this movie to be a big hit with juiced up teenage boys. (Above,Woody Harrelson plays the vilest character we’ve seen on film.)

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