Dennis Rodman Is Dictator Kim Jong Un’s Puppet

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Dennis Rodman Is Dictator Kim Jong Un’s Puppet

Dennis Rodman’s very public meltdown must have been a joy for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to behold. We think Kim is USING Rodman to point out to his fellow countrymen how ignorant and backward Americans really are. Dennis’s nonsensical raving is enough to scare any North Korean citizen. On Rodman’s fourth visit to the repressive country he brought a team of basketball players and put on an exhibition game for Kim’s birthday. You can bet they were all paid HANDSOMELY. Rodman is obviously still an alcoholic, probable drug abuser, and has a few loose screws. Who better to represent the capitalistic American people? Kim Jong Un is many things, but not a fool.

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