Like Father, Like Son: Why Paula Patton Split With Robin Thicke

Turns out the apple DOESN’T fall far from the tree. We were around back in the days when “Growing Pains” dad Alan Thicke was considered a classic sleazy Hollywood womanizer. He cheated on the women he married and lusted after numerous beauty pageant girls. He was only average looking, but he had great hair, smooth talk, and fame, and he used it all to get what he wanted. We remember stories about his son coming across gorgeous women in various states of undress at his dad’s house. Robin Thicke grew up admiring his father’s triumphs. But Robin, 36, had the same girlfriend, Paula Patton, for 12 years before he married her in 2005. Was he rebelling against his father’s tumultuous love life? We wondered – did he not inherit the cheating gene? Looks like the gene showed up late. It appears Robin has been too loose with his affections and attentions and Paula wants out. That’s why she called off their marriage.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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