Paula Deen, We Don’t Want You Back!

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Paula Deen, We Don’t Want You Back!

The more we hear about Paula Deen’s comeback, the LESS we want her to come back. Her admitted use of the “n” word caused her business world to collapse for awhile, but was the least of her crimes. ChefAnthony Bourdain called her “The most dangerous person in America.“He went on to point out that “she revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and is PROUD of the fact that her food is BAD for you.” We happen to think a REAL chef would not promote fatty, sugar-heavy foods, knowing first hand what it does to one’s health. Paula knows first hand because she ate herself into a case of diabetes and hid it from the public. When her disease was revealed she partnered up with a drug company selling diabetes drugs. Paula hides her crimes behind that sweet southern drawl, but don’t let it fool you!

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