Angus T Jones: Is This What Happens When You Get Religion?

Angus T Jones, 20, admits he walked away from his 6 million dollar a year job on “Two and a Half Men” to get closer to God! This must have been quite a surprise to his parents, who both have criminal records. Jones became a Seventh Day Adventist and shortly after, decided his series was “filth” and advised people not to watch it. That led to his inevitable departure, and he is now living in Colorado where he lectures about God at churches across the country. Fortunately, he is also taking classes at the University of Colorado and MIGHT come to his senses one day. Of course now he can afford to do whatever he wants, and we hope that includes a good education, before his money evaporates. The switch from TV to God certainly hasn’t improved his looks. (Above left, Angus as Jake, and right, Angus as Seventh Day Adventist)

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