Candy Spelling Changed Her Mind About Dean Mcdermott

When their marital troubles began, Candy Spelling hoped that her daughter Tori and her husband Dean would patch things up for the sake of their four children. But since the sordid cheating – sex rehab details started playing out on their reality series True Tori, Candy is rethinking the matter. Candy and Tori do not have a smooth mother-daughter relationship. Wealthy widow Candy didn’t hand her kids a bundle of money – she gave them “enough to do something – not enough to do nothing.” She wanted them to be productive on their own. And Tori HAS worked hard – writing books and doing TV. It might be a GOOD thing that Tori doesn’t have much money because if she and Dean divorce he could use the kids to take her to the cleaners. Supposedly Candy is even considering paying off Dean to leave quietly if it becomes necessary. She wants what’s best for her grandchildren.
Photo: Lifetime

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