Ann B Davis: Was She Or Wasn’t She? It Didn’t Really Matter

Who didn’t love Ann B Davis? Our first memory of her was as the wisecracking assistant to pin-up photographer Bob Cummings on Love That Bob. When she appeared on The Brady Bunch she played the same type of character – outspoken, bossy, smart, and sensible in both demeanor and attire. No frills. We always assumed she was a very likeable lesbian – and didn’t everyone dream of having a maid like Alice? When we think of Ann’s no-nonsense characters we are reminded of another actress who often played spinsters: the late Nancy Kulp (Jane Hathaway from The Beverly Hillbillies.) Ironically, Nancy started out as a bird-watcher on Love That Bob with Ann. Both were much loved character actresses who gave lesbians a very good name, whether they WERE or not. (Above- that’s Ann in the window)

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