What We Want From Jaclyn Smith Has Nothing To Do With Patio Furniture

Former “Charlie’s Angel” Jaclyn Smith, 68, (no kidding!) still acts occasionally, but her big paycheck comes from her design deal with Kmart and her outdoor furniture collection. Besides clothing, she has her name on all sorts of home goods like Kathy Ireland. But what the world REALLY wants from Jaclyn is INFORMATION – she has remained one of the most attractive and natural beauties in Hollywood and we don’t know how she does it. Certainly there are a few cosmetic procedures involved. A book would be nice, Jaclyn!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Comestic surgery? I highly doubt it. As a big fan of Jaclyn Smith’s since the days of “Charlie’s Angels”, I know she has always led a healthy, natural lifestyle and gets her requisite 8 hours of sleep a night. It’s amazing what clean, healthy living will do for your looks when you don’t pump a ton of cigarettes, narcotics or alcohol into your body on a continuous basis. The same can probably be sacomment_ID for her former co-star, Cheryl Ladd, as she still looks fabulous as well and she will turn 63 on July 12th.

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