We Never Thought We’d Feel Sorry For Mariah Carey, But We Do

If there were any doubts about Mariah Carey being in a bad place right now, they’ve disappeared since recent concert photos from China surfaced. Mariah started her Elusive Chanteuse tour in Tokyo where her performance was an embarrassment because she couldn’t hit the high notes – or any notes for that matter. Audience members wondered if she was drunk. Reviews were deplorable. The show moved on to China where her wardrobe didn’t do her any favors, to put it mildly. Mariah’s underwear was plainly visible under a too-tightminiskirt. Is it the shock of having an album flop or the shock of getting a divorce messing up her mind? Meanwhile, her estranged husbandNick Cannon is partying nonstop and has never looked better. ClickHERE to see Mariah in China.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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