Jennifer Lopez Knows How To Pick Leading Men

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Jennifer Lopez Knows How To Pick Leading Men

Maybe the best thing about The Boy Next Door is Jennifer Lopez’sstalker, played by Ryan Guzman. Actually Jennifer is highly watchable in the film but she has little material to work with in terms of script. We admire the fact that she produced this minibudget thriller for four million dollars but like she says, most of the money is in front of the camera. It screams for a better script with more real surprises. Jennifer personally cast Guzman, 27, in the role and we can see why – he’s incredibly hot. But he doesn’t look like he’s in high school. We do agree with Jennifer that having two Latinos in the leading roles is too ”risky” for a big studio (Ryan’s father is Mexican) and applaud her for her casting. Hopefully she will do more of these B thrillers with inspired scripts.

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