Through no fault of the actors, Star Trek Beyond is a huge embarrassment to the TV series and films that preceded it. It’s so amateurish from the start that we imagined a couple of 19 years old guys smoking weed and dashing off the script in a weekend – and being proud of it. Along with the awful script was a total lack of decent production values. Much of the movie is dark and blurry and tinted blue. The Entreprise crew is still wearing those polyester shirts that zip in the back, and women in space wore MINISKIRTS AND BOOTS! It takes place hundreds of years in the FUTURE, but there are no delightful new inventions or advancements to marvel at. Apparently the two stoned scriptwriters we imagined writing this plotless nightmare decided that special effects of explosive space battles would thrill viewers. We couldn’t get out of the movie theater fast enough.

Photo: Paramount

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