14 Key highlights from Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees trailer launch

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

14 Key highlights from SRK's Raees trailer launch

Shah Rukh Khan, Ritesh Sidhwani, director Rahul Dholakia and Nawazuddin Siddiqui met an excited bunch of journalists after launching the theatrical trailer of Raees at a unique relay event across various cities. Let’s bring you the highlights of this media meet.

1) Ritesh Sidhwani said that they still haven’t planned the promotional strategy for Raees and if it is required then Mahira Khan will come and be a part of the same.

2) Rahul Dholakia denied the reports that he had allegedly said in an interview that Mr Narendra Modi will like Raees. Dholakia said that he was asked a question on Demonetisation and his answer was totally misrepresented.

3) Shah Rukh Khan profusely thanked Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub for their phenomenal performances and how he has learned from them.

4) Nawazuddin on being asked if he has become a favourite of the Khans said that he has always been an admirer of the three Khans and he can’t pick favourites from the three as all three are very good.

5) Shah Rukh Khan said that Ram Sampat’s background score is an integral and important part of Raees and it has helped in recreating the era of 1980s and 90s.

6) “Sunny Leone is very professional and charming,” said Shah Rukh Khan. The song ‘Laila O Laila’ was shot over four days and it is more than a song since it involves a key scene as well.

7) Rahul Dholakia said that Raees is a fictional story and it is not based on the life of criminal Abdul Latif.

8)  “I have never ever sat in an editing studio and made changes in any of my films,” said SRK on being asked about rumours of changes made in Raees with regards to Mahira.

9) “I’m not like Raees at all in real life else I would have been in jail by now,” said Shah Rukh Khan.

10) SRK said that if his marketing team decides then he would go for Bigg Boss.

11) Shah Rukh Khan confirmed the reports that Raees will indeed release on January 25, 2017 from the morning shows itself. It will be a regular release. He says that it had been decided earlier itself.

12) SRK also expressed that there ought to be more cinema halls. He said that clash of movies is inevitable as there are only 54 Fridays. Giving the example of China, UK and USA, SRK said that we must have more cinema halls in India. “The local films of China make three or four times the money as compared to us. The number of theatres and screens compared to us are far more,” he said.

13) “Normal is lifeless, you have to be a bit mad and when you’re a little mad you have to be a bit bad too. I’m extremely bad”: Shah Rukh Khan.

14) Shah Rukh Khan admitted that Demonetization has affected the business especially in the single screen as entertainment is not the first priority for a lot of people right now which has impacted the collections of Dear Zindagi as well. He added that when there’s a change then it does take time for settling down.

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