“De Dana Dan moves at fast pace so you keep your eyes wide open” – Akshay Kumar

De Dana Dan is igniting the heat and it is obvious that the last minute promotional blitzkrieg is helping the film’s cause. Though the film was confirmed for 27th November release for quite some time, the makers held on to the promotion for a while before deciding to go full throttle, as obvious in the manner the film is picking up steam. Was an idea already put in place to keep the buzz in check and let the film do the talking as it neared its release? “Yes, that was indeed an idea since De Dana Dan has the right package. People know what to expect from it, they can see the famous three stooges and they know it’s a Priyadarshan film”, says Akshay who holds a cent percent record with Priyan, last being Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007), “The film has the girls, it has the humour, it has the songs, and all of it speaks for it self. This is why there was no explaining to do and now the film is brought in front of the audiences to have them announce the final verdict.” In the times when most of the recent films (including his own Blue) have gone on an overdrive when it comes to reaching out to audiences, a controlled promotion as evidenced in De Dana Dan could well set an example. “See, some movies just sell themselves”, categorically states Akshay, “It all depends on the production house. Some producers are prepared to sell their own houses to promote their films whereas there are others who don’t even turn up for press events. And then there are some who give as much to their films as they can without shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to expenses.” Keeping the business aspect of De Dana Dan aside, one is quite clear after looking at the riotous promos that the film is an out and out slap stick. Are we actually looking at a laugh-a-minute saga in the offering? “We are just looking at an out and out comedy”, says Akshay, “How Priyanji has actually done is something that no one knows. De Dana Dan is funnier, faster, and more flamboyant than ever. If you even sneeze once then you are doomed. You don’t really want to miss a single shot. You can’t blink. You should not even let your father pull his socks up. And please switch your mobiles off. Also, make sure that you go to the bathroom before you enter the cinema. I am afraid there are no toilet breaks allowed in this movie, unless you want to be left behind.” Boasting of more than couple of dozens of actors forming a part of the narrative, De Dana Dan boasts of a plethora of character actors other than the Hera Pheri team and leading ladies Katrina Kaif, Neha Dhupia and Sameera Reddy. As per everyone associated with De Dana Dan, the film has been designed for the masses and caters to complete family audience. “You must bring your entire family to watch the film”, advises Akshay, “However, please ask everyone to bring their brains along as well. If you fail to do so, you will be lost and still left laughing at the first gag. The film moves at a fast pace so you ought to keep your eyes wide open and brains functioning.”

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