When Ranveer Singh almost assaulted someone on the sets of Padmaavat and here’s why

Time and again, Ranveer Singh has spoken about the extensive prep he undergoes for a film. He is known to get into the skin of his character. In case of his prep for Alauddin Khilji, the actor also had to face a few repercussions of sorts. And this time around, he almost ended up assaulting someone on the sets of Padmaavat.

Before Padmaavat went on floors, reports claimed that Ranveer Singh was staying aloof from people. Reason? He was trying to get into the role of Alauddin Khilji. He was also playing an antagonist for the first time. This was probably one of the reasons, why the actor also had to explore his dark side. But it’s after effects seemed to have had an impact even in his real life.

Reportedly, Ranveer Singh recently confessed about such an incident where he was on the verge of assaulting someone. He revealed that someone had made a mistake on the sets of Padmaavat. Instead of reacting like Ranveer, he ended up reacting like Khilji. He went to the extent of almost physically assaulting this person. But fortunately, he soon realized that it’s not like him and stopped. Moreover, the actor also expressed shock by the way he had instinctively reacted of Khilji instead of him.

There were further also rumours that Ranveer Singh was to take psychological help post the film. Considering that he was the antagonist, Ranveer had to experience darker emotions which had probably left him drained. But the actor shunned these rumours. Even though he did take some time to return to his normal self, he took the help of his loved ones. It is being said that Ranveer Singh spoke to his family members and friends about their daily life as a part of this process. This helped him to resume his normal routine.

Also starring Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor, Padmaavat released worldwide on January 25. The film is doing brisk business in the domestic and foreign markets.

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