Jacqueline Fernandez gets gun training for Race 3 and here are the details

Jacqueline Fernandez will return with the Race franchise after her last act as Alina in Race 2. However, we hear that her new avatar for Race 3 is different and dangerous. While Alina was smart, her new look, Jessica is also quite action-packed. Or so states the recently released poster!

Jacqueline Fernandez gets gun training for Race 3 and here are the details

For fans of Race who are awaiting its third instalment with eagerness, let us tell you that is going to be quite different from its predecessors. While the ‘race’ belonged to Saif Ali Khan in the last two instalments, now Salman Khan has taken it over as Sikander. Anil Kapoor who was Inspector Robert D’Costa in Race 1 and 2 is now ‘boss man’ Shamsher for Race 3.

Similarly, Jacqueline Fernandez too will be Jessica, someone who is quite different from the last role she played in Race 2. Following the same, this time, Race 3 will see her lot more in action, quite literally. The recently released poster gave us a glimpse of her avatar which features her holding a gun. And this one, we hear, was for a reason.

Along with her stylish look, Jessica aka Jacqueline Fernandez will be seen performing some high-octane stunts. And now, when we inquired further, we heard from sources close to the actress that she has been training to use the gun for the film. For the first time ever, we will see her in a full-fledged action role. And we hear, she is leaving no stone unturned for it!

In fact, if these sources are to be believed, Jacqueline has undergone extensive training for being comfortable with the gun. A specialist was reportedly hired for the same, who is taking her training sessions and teaching Jacqueline how to handle and operate the gun.

It was deemed important by the makers and the actress since her character is supposed to be extremely comfortable and well versed with the use of guns. The correct way to hold it, the level at which it is held, the body language while holding a gun, how to shoot and lots of other nitty gritties were taught to her during these sessions.

Speaking on the same, Jacqueline added, “I had very briefly used a gun in an earlier film but for Race 3, there is a lot more to learn as the use is more extensive. I have been training with some of the best people for it and performing action is quite exciting.”

Jacqueline Fernandez is currently in Abu Dhabi shooting for the climax sequence of Race 3 along with the entire team. The film is slated to release on June 15, marking the occasion of Salman Khan’s Eid release this year.

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