Manoj and Anurags cold war for 10 years

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Manoj and Anurags cold war for 10 yearsToday they are bonding big time over Gangs Of Wasseypur. However not many are aware that for over a decade, Manoj Bajpayee and Anurag Kashyap were not even on talking terms with each other. There was a huge misunderstanding that had developed between the two due to which they stayed away from each other since 1999, only to reunite with the gangster-political drama which has even taken them to Cannes.

"Manoj and Anurag were thick buddies and were doing some of their best work each other. Anurag had written Satya, Shool and Kaun each of which starred Manoj in a pivotal role and got him quite some critical acclaim. However, they drifted apart soon after that as Manoj was miffed with Anurag for not being straightforward in his professional dealings with them", informs a source.

This happened when Anurag was planning a film as a director and felt that Manoj suited the part of a central protagonist. Even though Manoj was also fine in principal to do the film, the issue arose due to money matters.

"Even though Anurag was quite close to Manoj, when it came to approaching him for the film, he contacted Manoj's secretary and asked him about his price. Manoj was hurt as he expected Anurag to directly reach out to him instead of taking the secretary route. He instructed his secretary to quote his market price and the matter, instead of progressing any further, came to a cold end. The film was made but didn't feature Manoj in it", the source continues.

Needless to say, their friendship came to a close and they didn't hear back from each other for over 10 years till Gangs Of Wasseypur. This is when Anurag felt that Manoj was best suited to step into the film and then made the first move of approaching him. Manoj too didn't blink an eyelid and pronto heard out the narration without fussing over the past.

"Jo hua so hua, ab jaane do", says Manoj who still holds a grudge against Anurag for depriving him of many good roles that he conceived in the interim period.

On being prodded further, he says, "My issue with Anurag was that when we were eating and drinking every second day, why did he have to go to my secretary for money matters. In fact even today when I ask him about that, he doesn't have any answer. Its okay though, let bygones be bygones. What matters is that today we are together and now he would have to compensate for the right time with more films."

Guess Anurag has already done that by making Gangs Of Wasseypur as a two part film. 

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