Afghani-Spanish hottie in Sachiins Mumbai Mirror

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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Afghani-Spanish hottie in Sachiins Mumbai Mirror

At this very minute Gutka baron turned actor Sachiin Joshi is shooting some of the most graphic bedroom sequences ever shot for a Hindi film for his new film Mumbai Mirror. The sequences, we are told, would do away with the "enforced vegetarianism" that was imposed on Joshi's carnal instincts while shooting for his debut film Aazaan with Playboy centre spread Candice Boucher.

Joshi is now making up for lost time. He says his love-making scenes with his new 19-year old co-star Gihani Khan would make audiences forget the lack of physical intimacy in his debut film.

"People want to see heroes making out with hot babes on screen. That's what they'll get to see in my new film," promises Joshi who recently tied the knot with Urvashi Sharma. The young actor claims his wife is okay with the hot stuff on screen.

Joshi's partner in bed is a stunning 19-year old foreigner who Joshi says, is "ten times hotter than Mallika" and with whom Joshi confesses he's doing the explicit love sequences that he was unable to with Playboy centre spread Candice Boucher in his debut film Aazaan.

"In fact," confesses Joshi, "I wasn't able to do any intimate scenes at all with Candice, for whatever reasons. There wasn't even a kiss. I am now making up for lost time. You'll get to see some of the most graphic love scenes ever. We've already shot some of the scenes. I've dropped all my inhibitions because that's the way audiences like it. We're shooting lengthy authentic love sequences for an adult viewer ship."

A 19-year old Afghani-Spanish girl named Gihani Khan who speaks fluent Hindi and Urdu. Fuming at what he thinks to be Sherawat's unprofessionalism, Sachiin is hell-bent to prove Gihani Khan would be sexier than Mallika Sherawat.

Says the newly-married Joshi, "I was introduced to Gihani in Dubai by some friends who thought she was suitable for modeling. But Gihani had other plans. She wanted to be only an actress. When my director Ankush Bhatt auditioned her, Gihani zapped us all. She is not only ten times sexier and better looking than Mallika, Gihani is a brilliant actress. She is ready to take our industry by storm."

Gihani who plays a bar dancer was put through the grind by Joshi. "I took Gihani to beer bars to make her understand what bar dancers did. Then I made her stay with a bar dancer for two days. By the time she faced the camera she knew the character in and out. Watching her perform it's hard to believe she is 19 and never been exposed to the camera."

About foreigners invading our industry, Sachiin says, "It's sad that we hype Sunny Leone. Signing Jism 2 has only enhanced her appeal as a porn star. If earlier 10 lakh people used to click to her porn sites now 1 million surfers search her out every night. I had introduced Candice Boucher in Aazaan when she was unknown beyond magazine covers. Now I'm introducing Gihani Khan. Her lack of inhibitions in love-making scenes would make her an instant hit."

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