Review: Padded Ki Pushup

After tasting mega success with their Hindi original shows, ‘Damaged’, ‘Hankaar’ and ‘Bar Code’, Hungama Play has now launched its first Marathi original show, ‘Padded Ki Pushup’ and if we were asked to describe it in a few words, we’d call it – a laugh riot with a heart!

REVIEW: Padded Ki Pushup


The show packs in a story that hasn’t been seen before. It introduces us to Aditya (Aniket Vishwasrao), a middle class man who struggles to hold on to a job for long. In love with a rich girl, Swara (Tejashri Pradhan), he marries her against the wishes of her mother, Mangala (Kishori Ambiye). Upset about her daughter eloping, Mangala begins to meddle with her son-in-law’s life to hilarious effect. Keen to prove himself a worthy husband, Aditya gets hired as a lingerie salesman. Not only does Aditya have no knowledge about lingerie, he must also hide the nature of his job from his wife and mother-in-law. He must now resort to some creative tactics to learn about his job, like take some honest but comical advice from his best friend, Sunny (Saksham Kulkarni), a practical test to understand lingerie sizes and researching on the Internet. His weird behaviour, however, makes his mother-in-law suspicious about his new job and adds to the humour quotient of the show.

With only 5 episodes, the show is crisp and doesn’t deviate from its plot even once, ensuring that it remains thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

REVIEW: Padded Ki Pushup


The makers have gotten the casting of the show perfectly right. Aniket Vishwasrao is a well-known name in the Marathi entertainment industry. He brings the right amount of honesty and comic timing that is required for the role. Likewise, Tejashri Pradhan, who has acted in many Marathi shows and films, delivers her performance with ease and it is difficult to imagine anyone else playing her part. Kishori Ambiye once again proves her might and is delightful as the suspicious mother-in-law. Her character is used as a tool to create some of the most side-splitting moments on-screen. Saksham Kulkarni as Aditya’s best friend, Sunny, is a delight to watch and can be credited with amplifying the comic tone of the show.

REVIEW: Padded Ki Pushup


Director Akash Gursale achieves the difficult task of delivering an important social message through humour. Aditya is conscious of societal perceptions and is scared to tell his wife about his job. Akash ensures that the audience understands his message – every job is important and there is no need to be ashamed of one’s work. Yet, he ensures that the show doesn’t become overwhelming and weaves the message with wit and hilarity.

REVIEW: Padded Ki Pushup

Padded Ki Pushup gives the audience fool-proof entertainment – a quality that is difficult to achieve. Though in Marathi, the show carries subtitles and is extremely easy to comprehend even for non-Marathi speakers, making it the perfect treat for the holiday season!

To watch Padded ki Pushup, tune in to Hungama Play.

REVIEW: Padded Ki Pushup

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