Sunny Leone is not the only expert – Randeep Hooda

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…Sunny Leone is not the only expert - Randeep Hooda Back from locations in Sri Lanka shooting for the garma-garam new Pooja Bhatt erotic thriller Jism 2, Randeep Hooda is hell bent on proving that the Bhatt protégé Emraan Hashmi doesn't have a monopoly over erotic activities in the films produced by the Bhatts.

Randeep, we hear, is giving his all-and we mean ALL-to the love-making scenes with Sunny Leone in Jism 2.

Says a source from the location, "For Randeep it's very simple logic, really. He is a method actor. When he played a sozzled cop in Jannat 2, he was so much into the bottle that he had to kick the addiction at the end of the film. Now, when he's got scorching love scenes with a Sunny Leone, Randeep has pulled out all stops to make the sex scenes look authentic."

Apparently, when Randeep was asked how he'd cope with Ms Leone who is an expert in love-making on camera, Randeep retorted, "I can teach her a trick or two."

Randeep refutes the raunchy remark and confesses, "All I said was, 'She's not the only expert'. And I maintain that. I am certainly making every effort to be as convincing in Jism 2."

In Jism 2, Randeep plays a character named Kabir, the same name was given to John Abraham in Jism. Randeep plays an expert lover, a first-rate shooter and, curiously a Cello player. Quite a lethal blend.

Explains Randeep, "Quite often you find these ruthless assassins have an artistic side to them. So my super-talented director Pooja Bhatt decided that my character kills and plays the cello in his free time."

Randeep of course took Cello lessons and plays the instrument well enough to keep his Jism 2 team in Goa regaled. Says Randeep, "Yes, I can play the cello and I play it here for those who care to hear me."

Nowadays after the resounding response to his performance in Jannat 2, Randeep gets a lot of attention. Says the actor philosophically, "While I accept all the praise gratefully and gleefully, I can't allow it to go to my head. I didn't allow failure to break my heart. So I wouldn't allow success to bloat my head. I can't hold on to the praise I'm getting for Jannat 2. It will bog me down. I believe in an ancient fable about a seaside monastery where the monks created the most beautiful figures with sand and pebbles and the moment one figure was made they destroyed it and moved on to another. I too need to re-invent my skills constantly in an unbroken stream."

For the role of the angst-laden cop in Jannat 2, Randeep worked double hard on his dialogues. "It was Jean-Luc Godard who said there are two performances by every screen actor. One that the audiences see and the other that they hear. When I finished what I had to do on screen, I went back to my character and gave his emotions a voice."

For now, it would be only edgy gritty characters for Randeep. "I tried the light comic stuff in films like Love Khichdi and Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye. It didn't work. When my films were run down to the ground, why should I not tap my forte when I finally on my feet again? Don't worry, there's plenty of angst in here."

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