VFX made the Sushant Singh Rajput – Sara Ali Khan film Kedarnath magnificent and awe-inspiring

Kedarnath which released in the year-end of 2018 has met with settling reactions at the box office because of its VFX work. Kedarnath showed the calamitous premise of the Uttarakhand floods apart from that it showcased the magnificence of the old Kedarnath temple, beautiful landscapes of Uttarakhand surroundings and offered a glimpse into the lives of people residing in the area along with their daily struggles concerning earning a livelihood from the pilgrims.

Director Abhishek Kapoor says, “Kedarnath was visually the most challenging film that I have worked on. Creating the calamity was our biggest challenge. We just had reference images and videos of the town before the floods. Hand in hand with VFX Supervisor Vishwas Savanur and his team at After Studios we crafted and recreated the breath-taking visuals in VFX of the holy city, the temple as well as water and destruction in the flood sequences. Kedarnath wouldn’t have been a visual treat without their vision and expertise.”

Producer Pragya Kapoor said, “Creating beauty and calamity at once was the most daunting task and we entrusted After Studios for the job. VFX Supervisor Vishwas Savanur and his team worked round the clock to ensure quality and delivery. We look forward to many such projects with the team at After”.

After VFX head Vishwas Savanur shared that the movie VFX had many intricacies since it was around water. It was quite challenging to create water as it is one of the toughest things to develop in VFX or animation. At After Studios we have one of the strongest VFX & CG teams in Bollywood and hence we were able to pull it off within record time with the desired quality. We delivered more than 126 water/flood shots and another 900 shots excluding water.

Kedarnath has been nominated for Best VFX at the Zee Cine and numerous other awards this year.

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