“I’m in no hurry to take Shabana Azmi home”, says Javed Akhtar

Although Shabana Azmi is well on the way to complete recovery from the injury she suffered in a road accident on January 18, husband Javed Akhtar says he is no hurry to take her home. “She’s getting much-needed rest here (in the hospital). Although she has recovered almost completely I don’t want her to go home as yet. Once she returns home she will immediately become the busy householder again, instructing the staff, guiding the cleaning, overseeing the kitchen, etc. No, I think she’s better off here for now,” ponders Javed Saab.

"I'm in no hurry to take Shabana Azmi home", says Javed Akhtar

He can’t help marvelling at Shabana’s tenacity. “She had a miraculous escape from grievous injuries. I don’t know how she came away from an accident of that magnitude with only swellings, scratches and bruises.”

Javed Saab says he will wait for complete healing. “I’m in no hurry to take her home. Let her recover completely. Until there’s even a slight swelling on her face I want her here.” The constant flow of visitors is being monitored in the hospital. At home anyone who cares to visit can drop in, thereby putting strain on Shabana’s frail constitution.

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