“My ex-wife’s mother was the first to congratulate me for my baby girl,” says actor-politician Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari couldn’t be in a happier place even if he tried. “My baby girl came on 30 December. I couldn’t have hoped for a better start to the New Year. She comes to me with the hope that 2021 would be better for everyone. We’ve seen too much loss in 2020,” says Manoj who already has a daughter from an earlier marriage.

"My ex-wife's mother was the first to congratulate me for my baby girl," says actor-politician Manoj Tiwari

“This could have been a very messy situation for me .When I parted ways with my first wife Rani I never thought I’d marry again. But then Surabhi came into my life. I never intended to marry her. It was Rhiti my daughter from my first marriage, who urged me to re-marry. I give Rhiti a lot of credit for maturity and farsight. Today she’s the happiest person in my family. She has a baby sister,” says Manoj emotionally.

He also gives a lot of credit to his first wife for the amicable situation in his life. “Rani could have made things very difficult after our separation. But she showed great maturity. You will be surprised to know that her mother, my former mother-in-law was among the first to congratulate me on becoming a father again. At this time happiness both my first and second wife’s families are united.”

Manoj has not thought of a name for his newly-born angel. “My elder daughter Rithi will name her. She wants to. This is between the two sisters. I see my life as a beautiful edifice. Kabhi bhi toot sakti thha. Lekin kamayaab hai. Thanks to the people in my life.”

About the safety and wellbeing of the baby and the mother during these critical Covid times Manoj says, “The nursing home Fortis La Femme in Delhi took full care and ensured both the mother and baby were safe. No visitors are allowed. My family and friends have to be happy looking from a distance through a glass wall at our beautiful little New Year arrival.”

Manoj can’t wait to see his two daughters together. “They are separated by generations. But I know that my elder daughter will be the best sister in the world,”

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