I missed one important thing in Drishyam 2, added that in Drushyam 2 (Telugu), says director Jeethu Joseph

Filmmaker Jeethu Joseph’s film Drishyam (2013) starring Mohanlal in the lead is the story of a man who goes to all extents to protect his family who committed an accidental crime. The film was remade in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu in India, and also in Chinese and Sinhala. The remakes of the film were also equally successful. Meanwhile, the sequel to Drishyam was released earlier this year and opened to great reviews from the audience and critics. Once again the cycle of remakes began and the first to go on floors was the Telugu version starring Venkatesh Daggubati. The makers started shooting right after the release of the original Drishyam 2. Titled Drushyam 2 in Telugu, the film is also set to release on Amazon Prime Video on November 25.

EXCLUSIVE: I missed one important thing in Drishyam 2, added that in Drushyam 2 (Telugu), says director Jeethu Joseph

Jeethu Joseph has shot and released both Drishyam 2 (Malayalam) and Drushyam 2 (Telugu) in a little over a year’s time. In a conversation with Bollywood Hungama, the ace filmmaker credits it all to the planning. With Drushyam 2, he will also be marking his debut directorial in Telugu cinema. Speaking on the experience of narrating the same story for two different film industries, the director said, "For me, there is not much difference when it comes to film sets because my team was there and a group of people from Telugu side were there and so the filmmaking process is almost the same. Only thing is that in Telugu it is a more relaxed shoot because in Kerala we have to work round the clock and we have a budget restriction. When it comes to Telugu we have a little more freedom, we have more budget, it is a bigger industry. Since this is a low-budget film, we have all the freedom and working time is 8 hours.”

This is the first time that Jeethu worked with Venkatesh Daggubati. Talking about the same, he said, "I enjoyed working with Venkatesh. He is very professional, cool, and cooperative. At one point we needed him on set at 5:45 am and he was there ready to shoot, that cooperative he was! I am so happy with him and I really want to work with him again. Above all, he is a nice human being."

Jeethu Joseph had also directed the Tamil remake of Drishyam titled Papanasam with Kamal Haasan playing Suyambulingam. Jeethu has now directed Mohanlal, Kamal Haasan, and Venkatesh Daggubati for the same character in three different languages. "Their style of presentation is different, everyone has their own style of acting. Lalettan is famous for his flexibility. Even Kamal Haasan has his own style of presentation. Actually, when you compare the characterisation, in the Tamil version there is a difference. In Telugu and Malayalam, the protagonists are more subtle. They don't express their emotions. In Papanasam, Suyambulingam is more emotional. We see him cry in a few places. He will express his emotions. That is the difference in characterisation. But other than that, when you compare these three actors, three of them have their own style of presentation. You can't compare. I think Lalettan has more flexibility, whereas Kamal and Venkatesh sir bring that naturality by their presentation. In Lalettan's case, it comes automatically. That’s the difference. The end result is that we are getting the same kind of feel,” he said.

Jeethu Joseph shared that he has made a few changes to the structure of a couple of scenes for the Telugu remake which he missed out on in the Malayalam version. “I missed one important thing in Drishyam 2. After the final edit, I realised I could have done it like that. But the shoot was finished and the set was demolished. So I cannot reshoot it and I added that in Drushyam Telugu. Actually, the scene is there, the premise and structure are changed,” he shared.

As for Drishyam 3, Jeethu Joseph said that he has a climax ready which has been liked by Mohanlal as well. “I am working on it. If it works out I will definitely come out with Drishyam 3 and if I don't get any good ideas then I will just drop it,” he said.

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