Kamal Haasan agrees to mute certain dialogues

Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam received relief in Tamil Nadu on Saturday, with the actor-director agreeing to mute certain sounds on the request of Muslim organizations. However, the visuals remain unchanged.

Says the beleaguered filmmaker, "It's only some audio portions that are going to be muted. There will be no change in the visuals. So essentially the content remains the same in Tamil Nadu and the rest of the country. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I wouldn't want my Tamil audience to see a different film from the rest of the country."

However, the release date for Vishwaroopam in Tamil Nadu can only be decided after Monday when the ban on the film is officially lifted.

Says Kamal Haasan, "Vishwaroopam is ready for release in Tamil Nadu. The matter is subjudice right now. Until the ban is officially lifted I can't decide on a release date. I'll have to take back my petition from the Madras High Court challenging the state government's ban and also revoke my decision to take the matter to the Supreme Court. I've been asked to trust the government. And I am doing so. However I want the release to happen as soon as possible before other organizations decide to get upset with my film."

Apparently, some Hindu organizations have also found the film objectionable now.

Says Kamal, "Yes, some Hindu organizations have also shown an interest in banning my film. And a Christian group has filed a PIL against my film claiming that one dialogue where a Hindu character says the Christian God was crucified while Hindu gods are dunked in water, is insulting to their religion."

Taking a deep breath late on Saturday evening Kamal Haasan said, "Now do you really think I can make films in my home country? It's all turned into a farce. Kerala stood out in its determination to release the film. The neighbouring state Pondicherry must also be congratulated for opening my film soon after."

Laughing at the new protests from non-Muslim section Kamal Haasan says, "I don't know whether the courts will accept their protests. I'd request other potential protestors to wait until my next film, please. I've had enough protests for Vishwaroopam."

Kamal laughs uproariously, "Is there any sense to all of this? Some sections of the media said I had tears in my eyes when I spoke about my home being sold to pay loans incurred to make Vishwaroopam. Why would I cry for my home? If I've a home in the hearts of all my fans I am a king. Then I'll start building my palaces. If I've to cry it would be for the country."

Interestingly Kamal Haasan's colleague Rajinikanth has offered to do a film free of cost to make up for the losses suffered by Vishwaroopam.

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