Shahrukh Khan & Gauri Khan On Their Relationship

For its sixth year anniversary, HELLO! magazine has carried out an exclusive cover story, featuring Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan. In a candid interview, the couple discuss marriage and children to sustaining a relationship within the B-town for nearly 3 decades now.

Within this exclusive interview, the couple spoke extensively about their domestic life. Shah Rukh stated, “I have by no means been produced to really feel that I’ve to create up for time using the children.” Gauri, expressing exactly the same sentiment, added, “He is so great to my family members and appears following them a lot, I could by no means do even 1 % of that for his family members.”

Shah Rukh Khan, on his component, praised Gauri for standing by him regardless of all of the negativity portrayed within the media. He stated, “I am not a simple individual to cope with. I include all of the trappings of complexity, over-sensitivity and self-obsession which a film star is produced up of. It is a relationship from her side of becoming very selfless inside a extremely selfish atmosphere. Sustaining a dignity inside a publicity-crazed globe.”

There happen to be innumerable reports within the media concerning the souring relations in between the couple. Nevertheless, it appears that with this interview, SRK-Gauri have silenced all their detractors.

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