20 years after Akshay and Ajay Vidyut talks about his arrival as an action hero

20 years after Akshay and Ajay Vidyut talks about his arrival as an action hero

20 years after Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn burst into the action scene, a new action hero has finally arrived in Bollywood. Vidyut Jamwal, who started off as a baddie with Force, has taken complete advantage of the platform provided to him by Vipul Shah. With his Commando turning out to be a success with the masses and continuing to do well right through the week gone by, Vidyut has all the right reasons to be elated.

While the film has worked and your action has been appreciated, what was going on in your mind till audience hadn't really seen what you had done in the film? Weren't you apprehensive about how your act would be perceived?
Honestly, I was not thinking so much. There were people around me who were talking about how much opening that the film would take at the box office and so on. However, I didn't have any intentions to start worrying about that. For me, Commando was through with and I was satisfied with what I had done. I am proud of the fact that people have loved me and the film. Having said that, even if the film hadn't done well, I would have started worked on another film and work on more and more action.

Well, guess you would be working on a lot of films and also do a lot of action. After all, not many in Bollywood get tagged as 'The God of action' in their second film itself?
For me, that's not just the biggest thing to hear but also a bigger responsibility to be accepted. Honestly, I never doubted that action would take me here. However, in this industry, you can never be too sure. You can promote and market yourself as 'this guy can do this and that' while fully knowing that only very few people in the world can do this kind of action. Still, you have to await feedback from those who have been served this offering. When they relish that, as is shown in the week gone by, and start calling you, you know that acceptance has come in.

How about those who may not be able to call you but still appreciate you? By this, I mean the 'aam junta'.
(Smiles) Oh yes, this is also a run time feedback that I actually got. During last few days, when I went to the beach in the morning, I found these youngsters who were trying to do these stunts from Commando. It was a high for me. I aspire to inspire people and somewhere I have managed to do that with the stunts here.

How did you manage such gravity defying stunts though? They seem unbelievable to say the least, especially since there are no wires or VFX involved.
I have to credit my team for that. All the action that you see in Commando has actually been choreographed by my team. Moreover to perform on something like that, one must enjoy performing such action. (Smiles) In fact, when I meet people, they say that I should do romantic movies as well. However, I am clear that it is going to be mainly action for me. Yes, a film may have some elements of comedy or drama but action is going to be a must.

However there would be many out there who would question that while he has done action, let's see how much range he has as an actor?
See, I am clear about my niche. I have never gone to anyone and said that give me anything and I will do. I have always said that I know action and give me that. I was offered romantic films but I didn't do them. Main Bombay action karne aaya tha aur kuch nahi. In fact, I have now requested Vipul to direct a movie for me. I am hoping that he does that because I would like to work with him in a hardcore action film. I guess once he is through with his film with Akshay Kumar, he may start a film with me.

Any particular filmmakers other than Vipul that you are looking forward to working with?
I always wanted to work with Tigmanshu Dhulia and now I am in his Bullet Raja. I would also love to work with Rajkumar Santoshi. The kind of dramatic action with emotion that he brings in his films is lethal.

How about continuing to prepare yourself on a continued note?
Well, I am going to train harder now. Normally, I used to do that for 7-8 hours a day, now it is going to be for 10-12 hours. I won't be resting (smiles).

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