Who is the next Shah Rukh Khan after the existing one?”: Suraj Laheru

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Who is the next Shah Rukh Khan after the existing one?": Suraj LaheruSuraj Laheru is a renowned painter and art gallery owner who is in the field of art from last 16 years. He has traveled all around the globe as curator and after his guru’s death he promised himself to form an art gallery to promote upcoming painters. Suraj also feels bad about the politics played by art galleries.

“I would not like to name a particular Art Gallery here, But the so-called big Art Gallery people only wants to display the work of Big Painters. They don’t want to promote up coming talents. They say they will only sell those artists who are on their peak of the careers. They have less risk factors this way. This is the biggest politics art galleria’s play nowadays. It’s like finding out who is the next Shah Rukh Khan after the existing one? Similarly how would one finds out who could be the next M.F.Hussain?” questioned Suraj Laheru.

Suraj did raised some valuable questions, As he went on to add “I only want to say that art galleria’s should have some change in their respective policies. So that the emerging talent get’s an equal chance to promote their work. Else it would be difficult to point out the best work in Art.”

The artist requested all the Art Galleria’s to at least exhibit the work of emerging talent and not to sell them. Whoever likes a particular work may go ahead and buy it. Today, Suraj has successfully launched his own galleria at western suburbs in Mumbai where he showcases the upcoming talents very proudly.

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