The after effects of Chennai Express

The after effects of Chennai Express

With the recently released Chennai Express setting the Box-Office on fire, here's what the quirky after effects of Chennai Express could be.

Remember, it's a Bollywood Hungama exclusive!

1) With the kind of 360 degree publicity the film has got, the ticket rates of 'original' Chennai Express train will surely go up

2) A saree brand will soon launch a new range named 'Chennai Express' line

3) After the famous 'Lungi Dance', the viewers will be treated to 'Shirt Dance', 'Pant Dance', and even 'Ganji Dance'

4) The schools may very soon incorporate 'Audio – Visual' way to teach 'One – Two-Three- Four' by showing the song to the students

5) No sooner the teacher teaches, 'One Two Three Four' to her class, the students may immediately shout 'Get on the dance Floor'

6) When a girl warns you not to sleep next to her, listen to her warning for your own safety sake.

Friends, if you have seen or you foresee any after effects of Chennai Express, please write it down on the comments section below:

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