Anil Kapoor and his family screening of 24

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Anil Kapoor and his family screening of 24

Anil Kapoor wanted to catch the screening of 24 with his family. Even though Anil has watched the final cut of the show, he wanted to see it screening on TV and get a sense of audience reactions.

Television is a new territory for Anil. The audiences on this medium have different sensibility and at the same time a mass reach. Hence, even though Anil is a veteran and a much acclaimed actor.. On his television debut with 24 Anil had a sense of nervous energy within him. 24 is very close to his heart and hence he wanted to share this moment with his family. A few close friends and family joined them for the screening of 24 at their house in Juhu. It turned out to become an intimate get together of sorts and post the telecast, they had small celebration of sorts.

The show was received very well and Anil also got a lot of positive messages and feedback on the show. Anil was awake till early dawn answering to all his messages and graciously thanking everyone.

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