Dimple Kapadias fishy role

Dimple Kapadias fishy role

It's a rare treat for Dimple Kapadia fans when the gorgeous actress pulls herself out of semi-exile as she has done with new-director Gurmmeet Singh's What The Fish.

Says Dimple happily, "When I heard the script I immediately fell in love with it. It has many layers. I love my character in the film. I am sure I was right in accepting this film. At this stage I am not looking to work just because I must. I don't need to. My life is full. There has to be something inviting or something fun for me to give so much time to. How many films have I done in the last ten years? Not more than 6-7, I am sure. Though I am not counting."

And she bursts out laughing in that trademark way of hers. "Look, I know people like you say you miss me on screen. That's very kind. But I have my own life, and very hectic and turbulent life. There are so many ups and downs…."

Her voice trails away, leaving the legal troubles over her deceased superstar-husband Rajesh Khanna's property, unexpressed.

She asserts, "Not just that. So much has happened in my life during the past six years. But a book on my life? No way! Every life is special. Everyone has problems. Life has to be a rollercoaster ride. Otherwise, what's the point of living? Why should I make a song and dance about mine? I became a wife at 15 and was a mother of two at 18. So what? Lots of women marry young and become mothers at a young age. The only really special thing that happened to my life was that I married the superstar Mr Rajesh Khanna."

She looks back at Rajesh Khanna's superstardom with awe and affection. "He swept the entire nation off its feet, me included. What can I say about him that hasn't already been said? It's my regret that his fans never saw me on screen with him. We did a film called Jai Shiv Shankar. But it got shelved."

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