Shyam Ramsay lashes out at Miss Lovely for wrong portrayal

A lot of ink has been spilt over how much of the filmmaking universe of the Ramsay Brothers who ruled Bollywood's horror genre in the 1980s, went into Ashim Ahluwalia's highly acclaimed film Miss Lovely.

Speaking out for the first time Shyam Ramsay from the Ramsay house of horrors says, "Miss Lovely was nothing but a desperate attempt to make a Dirty Picturekind of film using our family's name in the pre-release publicity."

Shyam says the Ramsays feel victimized. "We were targeted, made to look like cheap sex peddlers in Miss Lovely. The fact is Ramsay is a brand name. We are a reputed family with decades of cinema to our credit. The whole film industry knows it. If someone still chose to portray us as sleaze hawkers it is not our problem."

Shyam who is all set to hit theatres with his new horror film Neighbours says content would always be kin to Ramsays' brand of horror. "My new film Neighbours is about a seemingly normal neighbour who turns out to be a vampire. We've cast a super-model Roushika Rekhi as a sexy vampire."

Shyam asserts that the new Ramsay production abides by the banner's reputation. "Neighbours has both the horror and sex quotients which are expected from us. The Ramsays have a strong image for a particular kind of cinema. We are not about to let down our audience just because some filmmaker has chosen to portray us as sleazy."

If the Ramsays feel so strongly against Ashim Ahluwalia's film why not take legal action against it? "It's okay. Miss Lovely came and went. Not too many people saw it," argues Shyam Ramsay.

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