Salman Khan keen on Kick sequel Nadiadwala says not for another 8 years

Salman Khan has never been more…well, kicked about any of his recent films than Kick. Breaking away from the norm Salman has actually expressed a keen desire for a sequel to Kick.

Says a source, "It has never happened before. No matter how successful his films; Salman Khan is principally opposed to sequels. Sajid Nadiadwala never made a sequel to his Salman's blockbuster Judwaa although everyone thought it was a great idea. For the first time in his career Salman is keen on a sequel."

Apparently Salman Khan who was instrumental in getting Sajid Nadiadwala to direct Kick has been "at it" asking his pal to "get on with the second part."

Says a source, "Salman Khan feels his masked crusader's character Devil has the potential to become an ongoing series. Nadiadawala agrees. But he is not in the mood to direct another film."

Sajid Nadiadwala says, "Right now I am completely exhausted. Direction along with 3-4 productions every year is not possible for me. So as far as I'm concerned I am not directing another film for at least 8 years. Unless Salman has his way."

And have we ever known a time when Salman doesn't get what he wants?

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