Diandra Soares goes BALD in Bigg Boss

“Salman Khan should stand Puneet Issar, Ali Quli Mirza, and the new BALD member of the Bigg Boss House, Diandra Soares, in a line. What a frame it would make,” suggested Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar on Twitter.

HUH! WHAT! Diandra is bald? Oh yeah, you read it right. The famous model who had shaved off her hair earlier too, has done it again in the Bigg Boss House. Gone are the pink and golden mops of curly hair, which shone brighter even than her new beau Gautam Gulati.

“Now that she is closer to Gautam than ever, he must have been wondering about all the attention going to her pink hair in every frame. He may not have to worry about that now,” jokes Dale. “Though she will still shine, and maybe brighter in every frame, with her bald pate now,” he winks.

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