Farhan appreciates Emma Watson’s support on MARD

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Farhan truly appreciates the support of all celebrities who have been supporting his initiative MARD. He feels their support has helped in spreading the word and made the awareness higher.

Infact, Emma Watson recently tweeted about Farhan’s efforts on MARD and standing up for gender equality.

She was very intrigued by MARD and asked the UN team for more details and actually took to the social networking site to spread the word on it. While she welcomed Farhan in joining the HeforShe campaign as the goodwill ambassador, she also mentioned that how she is looking forward to meet him.

Farhan is truly appreciative of her gesture as well.

Farhan truly feels that only awareness and knowledge amongst people will help us get out of this grim situation. He believes that we should all strive towards planting gender equality as an idea in the minds of the youth which will bring about the larger change.

He is thankful for the support of all his celebrity friends who have been helping him in spreading the word. Especially Sachin Tendulkar, Mahesh babbu, Shaan, Yuvraj Singh who have lent their voice for the MARD anthem in different languages.  

Says Farhan “MARD has received tremendous support from people who are great role models for young men and boys in India. It has given the initiative an added impetus and I am truly thankful to each of them for vocalising their shared concern and support.”

Farhan started the initiative after the Nirbhaya case and has been working behind it ever since.

He continues to spread the word and also talks about it to the youth . Infact before all his concerts in schools and colleges, Farhan makes it a point to talk about gender equality.

MARD at large, has gained momentum and continues to be recognized and supported by various personalities.


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