Yami Gautam gets over her fear of mice

It is not easy for anyone to overcome their fears, especially when you carry them since childhood.

Yami Gautam had one such fear that she recently overcame.

The pretty young actress, who is currently in North India shooting for her upcoming next film, came across a white mouse there.

She always found mice to be a little creepy and ran to the other side each time they came around her. She has always been petrified at the sight of them.

But this time around, when she saw the mouse, she had a change of heart and decided to get over her fear.

She was so determined, that she directly went close to the mouse and after some hesitation caught the white mouse in her hand.

A source present there reveals that there were a few screams initially but within seconds, Yami felt comfortable with it.  

She found the creature so cute that she then she played with it for a while and even clicked some pictures with it.

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